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Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

I have, in my 20+ years behind the chair , seen many straighteners and relaxer "alternatives" but many end up being flukes or worse... more damaging than a relaxer itself. You may have heard of many "Brazilian Blowouts" and "Japonese Straighteners" many claiming to be "natural". We have learned over the years that most, if not all of them have Formalin (Formaldahyde) which has been found to cause many illnesses.

Well I have found what I firmly refer to as a safe alternative to permanent straighteners. Farouk Systems has formulated a straightening agent that not only straightens the hair saftley but reinforces the cuticle protein, strengthening the hair and adding shine! Relaxers and thio based straighteners break down the bonds in the hairs molecular makeup, leaving the hair predisposed to dryness which causes breakage if you don't have a good hair care regimen. Enviro doesn't break any bonds at all, it rearranges, reducing frizz by 95%! Now for all my " Need my perm Laid" people: a relaxer should only straighten the hair 80%, if the hair is 100% straight its over processed, limp and subject to dryness and breakage. With that said 95% is awesome, the versatility of the product makes it a star!


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