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Got Moisture?

If not you will have breakage! If you hair is chemical treated it is already prone to dryness and breakage, you need a good moisturizer this winter! A good moisturizer contains water! Water should be within the first 3 ingredients listed. We all thing oil first when we think moisturizers for hair but the fact is; hair needs water to remain pliable just like the skin does. Choose hair lotions and creams over thick greasy skalp conditioners and pomades, hair grease contains NO water and mostly mineral oil, waxes and petrolium jelly. Lotions contain oils and water, the water feeds neccessary moisture to the hair and ushers in the oils sothe hair stays soft and managable. You dont have to break the bank, visit your local beauty supply and find one, my favorite is Doo Gro Megathick Growth Lotion, its alcohol free! Also visit for some awesome hair and body butter that is 100% natural handmade and organic.

p.s. Apply your moisturizer to wet hair to fight dryness at the core, help with detangling and smooth blowdrying!

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