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Recommended Hair Care Regimen For Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair is prone to dryness and predisposed to damage. to combat this you have to arm yourself with a good, easy to follow hair care plan. When we think about moisture for the hair we think oil, or leave in conditioners first but what the hair really needs is water. piling on product & grease only causes buildup if the hair isn't properly cleansed it will be more likley to be brittle if its not conditioned consistantly. Allocate time for a weekly or biweekly shampoo & deep conditioner. After you towel dry the hair apply an emollient, while the cuticle is slightly open the hair will accept & benefit much more from an oil applied because it will actually seep into the hair, not just sit on top and weigh it down.Wrap your hair to maintain sleek, smooth styles or pin curl it for more volume, curl & bounce. Cover the hair with a bonnet that has real satin inside or switch to a satin pillow case. No friction is caused when satin rubs across the hair, it just slides. This eliminates breakage that friction would cause if you used a cotton scarf.

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